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Buffy/Alec links

Title: Darkening Of The Light
Author: Restive Nature (aka Bavite)
Disclaimer: The characters and fictional placings of either of these shows do not belong to me. They belong to Cameron/ Eglee (Dark Angel), Joss Whedon (BtVS) and Whedon/ Greenwalt (AtS). Only the story belongs to me.
Rating: 13 (for now)
Genre: Crossover of DA/ BtVS
Type: WiP
Timeline/ Spoilers: Post Season 5 for Buffy. Up to LAtR for DA. Story set in DA time.
Summary: BtVS/ DA crossover. Life brings about so many changes. Especially when one has just risen from the dead.

We're not in Sunnydale...anymore
Challenge 970: Buffy - Alec (Dark Angel)
Buffy escapes from hell to a bold new world. Does she find the peace, she's been looking for or has Manticore found its newest project. Buffy/Season 3 and Dark Angel Season 2 timeline.
Rating: NC17 and Buffy/Alec pairing.
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